To meet the September 30 deadline for licensure renewal, Florida pharmacists must take Human Trafficking CPE. In Arizona, pharmacists must have at least 3 hours of opioid, addiction, or substance-use-related CPE to renew by October 31.

With 51 NABP member jurisdictions, renewal requirements are as varied as the patients who visit the pharmacy counter. It’s a lot to keep track of. So, let CPE Monitor do it.

In April, we relaunched CPE Monitor with new features that should take the stress out of meeting CPE. It comes in two plans, which are both accessible through your NABP e-Profile:

Plan 1:

This is the free CPE Monitor you’ve known and loved since 2011, but its cleaner interface makes finding specific CPE credits much easier. You can see your total credits and download transcripts. And the all-online interface eliminates the need for you to mail statements of credit.

Plan 2:

The plus plan definitely takes the hassle out of CPE tracking. Dare we say it could be…fun? For $29.95 per year, you can track CPE for as many licenses as you need, whether at home on the laptop or on your phone while in the pharmacy. A robust rules engine continually updates individual state licensure renewal requirements. The plan also offers these features that make the tracking process almost automatic:

  1. Monitors your compliance status
  2. Sends real-time alerts the closer you get to license renewal
  3. Shows you license requirements
  4. Lets you upload non-ACPE credits

This video does a nice job of summarizing the plus plan features:

So, no matter how busy your schedule gets, tracking CPE won’t be the stressful part. We hope it’ll help you breathe a little easier.