In a recent blog post, we discussed new NABP tools that facilitate FDA’s efforts to help boards of pharmacy improve the oversight of compounding pharmacies. Another way we do this is through our partnership with CriticalPoint, LLC to provide annual inspector training.

The Sterile Compounding Inspection Training (SCIT) and certification program covers all aspects of sterile compounding and hazardous drug handling. Typically, the trainings are held at CriticalPoint’s facility in New Jersey, and every year NABP covers registration costs for each board of pharmacy to send one inspector.

Inspectors are the eyes and ears for boards of pharmacy, ensuring compliance with pharmacy law and practice standards. This training opportunity helps inspectors further their knowledge and ensures that they receive the information needed to do a thorough job.

At the CriticalPoint training, attendees:

  • Learn about United States Pharmacopeia (USP) requirements for nonhazardous and hazardous sterile compounding, including best practices for Chapters <797> and <800>.
  • Hear from sterile compounders with decades of experience in the field.
  • Take knowledge and tools back to their boards to enhance inspections for their states.

The free inspector trainings with CriticalPoint are just one aspect of our commitment to protecting the public health against ongoing threats to our nation’s drug supply chain. In addition, we strive to give boards of pharmacy the support they need to enhance their pharmacy inspection processes, especially with respect to sterile compounding pharmacies. These inspection tools and services include:

We are proud of our work with the boards of pharmacy and other groups that safeguard the US drug supply and guard public health. Learn more about how we support Boards of Pharmacy by exploring the member services section of our website.