Emergency Passport Program

The Emergency Passport program was created to support our member boards in providing critical licensure and board action/disciplinary screening to state boards of pharmacy when responding to public health crises.  

When active, the program provides a way for pharmacy professionals to practice on a temporary or emergency basis in accordance with state emergency orders or as otherwise determined by the board of pharmacy. The Emergency Passport Program does not grant full authority to practice in a state in which you do not hold a license or registration.   

Boards of pharmacy can expedite emergency and temporary licensure requests by implementing NABP Emergency Passport in two ways:

  1. Recognize NABP Emergency Passport as a designation that allows for temporary practice according to state emergency orders or as otherwise determined by the state board of pharmacy.  
  2. Require NABP Emergency Passport as a prerequisite for temporary or emergency licensure. 

In response to emergency regulatory changes and the high demand for pharmacy support during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, 2020 Hurricane Laura, and 2021 Hurricane Ida, NABP’s Emergency Passport Program was made available to assist in the care of residents of impacted states.

As the COVID-19 pandemic started to slow, the need for the NABP Emergency Passport program has ended, and the program has been temporarily closed. This program will remain available for use during any future and applicable states of emergency. Boards that are interested in reactivating the Passport program should contact NABP Member Relations and Government Affairs staff