PMP InterConnect

NABP PMP InterConnect: The Only National Network of PMPs

NABP PMP InterConnect® facilitates the transfer of prescription monitoring program (PMP) data across state lines. It allows participating state PMPs across the United States to be linked, providing a more effective means of combating drug diversion and drug abuse nationwide.

NABP PMP InterConnect facilitates the transfer of PMP data, providing a more effective means of combating drug diversion and drug abuse nationwide.

The benefits of state PMPs are enhanced by PMP InterConnect because the system provides the means for physicians and pharmacists to more easily identify patients with prescription drug abuse and misuse problems, especially if those patients cross state lines to obtain drugs. Utilizing the program’s connected web of information allows for appropriate intervention and aids in the prevention of substance abuse and diversion of controlled substances.

How do practitioners, pharmacists, and other PMP users connect to PMP InterConnect?

PMP InterConnect is a way to link participating state PMPs. If practitioners, pharmacists, or other PMP users wish to obtain multistate PMP data, they should contact their homestate PMP directly, as access is granted through the state-specific PMP. The state or jurisdiction must be participating in PMP InterConnect in order for the individual to obtain multistate data.

Is PMP InterConnect a secure system to enable data sharing across state lines?

PMP InterConnect is a highly secure communications exchange platform that facilitates the transmission of PMP data across state lines to authorized requestors, while ensuring that each state’s data access rules are enforced. PMP InterConnect does not house any data, and the system will not inhibit the legitimate prescribing or dispensing of prescription drugs.

PMPs Are Connecting to Share Data

Through PMP InterConnect, participating PMPs can securely exchange prescription data. Currently, the following PMPs are included:

Map showing states participating in PMP InterConnect

Governance and Funding

PMP InterConnect is governed by a steering committee composed exclusively of representatives of the PMPs that participate in the system. The steering committee serves as the governing and advisory body as it relates to the administration and function of PMP InterConnect.

No outside organization, public or private, has access to, a vote about, influence over, or the ability to direct the administration and function of PMP InterConnect. Outside parties and subject matter experts may, however, be asked to provide information for the steering committee’s consideration from time to time.

Funding for Implementation and Participation

We provide state PMPs with access to PMP InterConnect at no cost, so the states can focus their resources and federal grants to support PMP operations. We cover all costs associated with the development and ongoing operation of PMP InterConnect. We use our own revenues derived from program resources and our reserves. We have the financial resources to make this commitment without the need to use any outside funding sources.

Additional PMP Solutions

While working with administrators on the PMP InterConnect solution, we were alerted to other areas of need in the PMP software arena. PMP AWARxE® is a prescription monitoring solution developed in partnership with Appriss, Inc, in 2012 to provide state programs with cutting-edge technology to administer their PMPs. The software was created to meet state needs as expressed by PMP administrators, providing greater flexibility and more services than the PMP software systems then on the market. In addition, PMP AWARxE works seamlessly with NABP PMP InterConnect and connects to the data-sharing network without the need for additional coding. We provided grants to the District of Columbia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Dakota to pilot the software early in development.

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