Boards of Pharmacy and NABP Partnering to Protect Public Health

NABP member boards of pharmacy protect the public health by promoting the highest standards of pharmacy practice. This pledge to uphold health and safety regulations is the basis for all board pursuits, and NABP, through its programs and services, aims to support the boards in keeping that promise to the public.

NABP membership is composed of 54 active members and 11 associate members. To find out more about the governance and member composition, visit the About section.

NABP supports its member boards of pharmacy by offering:

  • Examinations that assess pharmacists’ competency to practice pharmacy, providing boards a uniform, high-quality solution making a determination of competence,
  • License transfer program that alleviates the administrative burden on boards by verifying pharmacists’ applications for license transfer,
  • Accreditation programs that create uniform standards and perform inspections to supplement board staff and alleviate financial burden, and
  • Many other services that provide pertinent resources to assist the boards of pharmacy as they work to protect the public health each day.

Opportunities for Getting Involved

While NABP membership dues are paid by the boards of pharmacy, it is the members and staff of the 65 member boards that make NABP the successful, progressive Association it is today. As board of pharmacy members, your input is essential to addressing the many issues facing boards of pharmacy and the practice today. Participation in these activities is a rewarding way to assist NABP and the boards of pharmacy in our mission to protect the public health. Consider volunteering to serve on a committee or task force:

  • Standing committees, which are held every year, include:
    • Committee on Constitution and Bylaws
    • Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation
    • Advisory Committee on Examinations
  • Single-issue task forces are developed new each year and often address topics from resolutions approved at the Annual Meeting.
  • Examination committees write and review test questions to ensure the integrity and validity of the examinations.

Fill out an interest form if you are interested in volunteering for any of the above opportunities.

  • The Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, the Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation, or a single-issue task force interest form
  • Examination Committee interest form

For additional information on applying to serve on a committee or task force, you may contact