Connect With Your Colleagues at an NABP Meeting

NABP meetings provide board of pharmacy members and others in the practice of pharmacy with an opportunity to expand their knowledge base, stay up-to-date on new developments in pharmacy, and network with colleagues. NABP’s informative events can put you at an advantage. What can you expect at an NABP meeting?

  • Well-organized events and networking opportunities
  • Superior, convenient locations
  • Informative, cutting-edge continuing pharmacy education opportunities

Annual Meetings

NABP Annual Meetings provide pharmacy board members and staff as well as other pharmacy stakeholders with an opportunity to take an active role in protecting the public health. The gatherings serve as the venue for boards of pharmacy to elect members of the NABP Executive Committee, to review and vote on NABP policies via resolutions, and to guide the direction of the Association. Attendees will also have the chance to participate in timely continuing pharmacy education sessions, business sessions, and networking opportunities.

Interactive Forums

Interactive forums offer board of pharmacy executive officers, members, compliance officers, and legal counsel the opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues on best practices and advances in regulating for the protection of public health. Attendees are able to discuss current topics with peers and share what has worked for their boards in hopes of helping others. The Interactive Executive Officer Forum is held annually. As of 2020, the Interactive Member Forum also will be held annually. The Interactive Compliance Officer and Legal Counsel Forum is held every odd year.

District Meetings

The joint district meetings of NABP and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy afford a unique opportunity to address not only professional issues affecting today’s pharmacy practice but also educational matters influencing tomorrow’s pharmacists. Held annually, the district meetings bring together members of the boards of pharmacy and faculty of the colleges and schools of pharmacy in each of the Association’s eight districts to discuss regional issues of mutual concern as well as national issues affecting the districts.

Meeting attendees may also suggest resolutions to be considered during the NABP Annual Meeting. To submit a resolution request, please fill out this form and send it to

Examination Development Meetings

NABP’s examination meetings bring together dedicated volunteers from all areas of pharmacy practice and faculty from schools and colleges of pharmacy who devote their time to share the task of safeguarding the integrity and validity of the Association’s examinations. At workshops held throughout the year, item writers develop items and adhere to the content-related requirements of their designated examination. Review Committees are then responsible for reviewing the examination questions, attending and participating in meetings, and writing new test questions. The item writers and Review Committee members act under the policy and planning guidance of the NABP Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee on Examinations, which oversees the development and administration of all NABP examination and certification programs.

Examination Item Writers

NABP welcomes pharmacists in all areas of practice as well as school and college of pharmacy faculty to apply as item writers for the Association’s examinations and assessments. Item writers must have two years’ experience in practice, teaching in a US pharmacy program, or in residency. More details regarding requirements are provided on the online interest form.

National Conference of Pharmaceutical Organizations

Consisting of 11 organizations, the National Conference of Pharmaceutical Organizations brings together leaders from all aspects of pharmacy practice and the pharmaceutical trade.

Submit CPE Claims

NABP and NABP Foundation are ACPE-accredited providers of continuing pharmacy education, and provide exciting, informative continuing pharmacy education programs on pharmacy regulation and matters related to the protection of public health at the Annual Meeting and at special sessions held throughout the year. NABP also partners with other organizations to offer continuing pharmacy education on the latest developments in pharmacy practice.

Tri-Regulator Symposiums

The Tri-Regulator Symposium gathers members of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, the Federation of State Medical Boards, and NABP to discuss the challenges facing state pharmacy, nursing, and medical boards and future opportunities for interprofessional cooperation.