Educational Poster Session Part 2

Protecting the Public Health Through Enhanced Networks and Expanded Access

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The second in a 2-part series, board of pharmacy and school and college of pharmacy representatives present various poster displays related to working together to educate on pharmacy practices in furtherance of protecting the public health. Topics include pharmacists’ role in pediatric vaccination catch-up; accuracy of PMP data for clinical decision making; repository programs in North Dakota; pharmacists’ role in constipation intervention. Learn more about part 1 of the Poster Session series.


Importance of Pharmacists’ Role in Pediatric Vaccination Catch-up:

The COVID‐19 pandemic has led to a decline in pediatric vaccinations resulting from multiple factors. Pharmacists are in a unique position to aid in this public health concern and impact these low vaccination rates. The potential benefit both to pharmacy and public health are immense and important for moving pharmacy into a larger role in public health.

Prescription Monitoring Program Data: Is PMP Information Valid for Clinical Decision Making?

Prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) have recently moved beyond their historic realm of regulatory and diversion prevention to providing information to providers for patient clinical decision making. The objective of this study was to systematically explore validity of data found within Iowa’s PMP. Despite finding PMP information in the Iowa PMP to be mostly accurate, infrequent, but potentially clinically relevant errors were uncovered. Caution, therefore, may be warranted before PMP data can be more widely adopted for clinical decision making.

Repository Programs – Could North Dakota Do Better?

Repository programs benefit patients by increasing access to medications and decreasing health care costs. Researching multiple state repository programs, the authors have devised a step‐wise approach to advance North Dakota’s program. This process can also be applied to other states for improvement.

Pharmacists’ Role in Constipation Intervention Improving Quality of Life:

This presentation is on the impact of constipation on quality of life and the role pharmacists can have in improving constipated patients’ lives.

This home study webinar is a recording of the live activity that was held on May 12, 2021.

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