Standing Committee Reports

Authorized by the NABP Constitution and Bylaws, the Association’s standing committees annually perform specific responsibilities that are essential to the success of NABP programs and procedures. Once a committee has explored its assigned issues, the members submit recommendations to the NABP Executive Committee for consideration.

Committee on Constitution and Bylaws

The Committee on Constitution and Bylaws reviews proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, suggests changes where appropriate, and issues a recommendation for each proposed amendment. View the:

Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation

The Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation reviews and comments on existing legislation and rules for the practice of pharmacy. Additionally, the Committee develops model regulations for pharmacy as assigned by the Executive Committee, from resolutions adopted by the members of the Association, or from reports of the other task forces of the Association. Finally, the committee recommends areas where model regulations are needed in pharmacy for improving the protection of the public health. View the:

Advisory Committee on Examinations

The NABP Advisory Committee on Examinations oversees the development and administration of all the examination programs, considers policy matters, develops long-range planning strategies, and recommends action on specific issues to the NABP Executive Committee.

Committee reports from previous years can be found by searching the topic Committee and Task Force Reports in the News section.