The VPP application fee includes the costs associated with conducting an onsite inspection (including travel costs), license verifications of the pharmacy and key personnel, and any related NABP Clearinghouse checks. Payments must be made by credit card through the online application.

VPP Application with Inspection:

VPP does not perform partial inspections. The facility will be inspected of all pharmacy activities they perform such as general pharmacy practice, nonsterile, compounding, sterile compounding, nuclear activities, etc. Therefore, all applicable pharmacy activities/attributes must be clearly indicated at the time of application.

CategoryPharmacy TypeApplication Fee*
1General (no compounding)$2,250
2General + Non-Sterile Compounding$3,000
3General + Sterile Compounding; or
General + Non-Sterile + Sterile Compounding
4Nuclear Pharmacy / Radiopharmaceuticals$4,000

* Application Fee includes application and inspection costs. Note: Additional fees, such as extended inspection fee ($1,500), may apply depending on a pharmacy’s activities as indicated in the application (ie, a non-nuclear pharmacy which is also licensed as a nuclear pharmacy).

Texas Class E-S License Inspection

NABP has been approved by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) to perform inspections for pharmacies seeking or renewing a Texas nonresident sterile compounding pharmacy license (TX Class E-S license).

For pharmacies seeking the TX Class E-S license, TSBP requires NABP to collect a compounded preparation sample for purposes of potency, sterility, endotoxin, and fungal testing. The fees to perform these tests are estimated to range from $2,000-$3,000. The pharmacy is responsible for all testing-related charges but will be refunded any remainder of the deposit upon completion of the tests, less the shipping and handling fees. Should the testing related fees exceed the deposit collected, the pharmacy will be invoiced for outstanding charges upon completion of the testing and must be paid immediately.

  • The TX Class E-S licensing requirement can be met by adding the TX Class E-S Sampling Deposit ($3000) to any VPP inspection Category 3 or Category 4. This VPP inspection can be used to satisfy other nonresident pharmacy licenses.; or
  • A nonresident pharmacy with a TX Class E-S license or seeking a TX Class E-S license may elect to be inspected through the TSBP Class E-S specific form. Please contact NABP at VPP@nabp.pharmacy for more details.

Refund Policy

Requests for NABP to cancel or withdraw your pharmacy’s VPP application will cause costs that NABP has incurred prior to such a request (including without limitation administrative, travel, and staff costs) to be deducted from any refund that NABP issues. Requests to cancel or withdraw an application must be submitted in writing to VPP@nabp.pharmacy and are considered by NABP on a case-by-case basis.

NABP will close a VPP application in cases where your pharmacy is currently subject to one or more serious health care-related disciplinary or criminal proceedings, or regulatory or law enforcement investigations including, without limitation, product or document seizures. Any refunds will be issued in accordance with its refund policy. If NABP closes your pharmacy’s VPP application, NABP will not accept a new application from your pharmacy until all disciplinary, criminal, and investigatory matters described herein are concluded.

NABP will close a VPP application in cases where the resident state does not provide authorization for NABP to perform the inspection. Should this occur, NABP will notify the pharmacy. Any refunds will be issued in accordance with VPP’s refund policy. If NABP closes your pharmacy’s VPP application for this reason, NABP will not accept a new application from your pharmacy until the state provides written authorization for NABP to perform the inspection.

Terms & Conditions

Please review the VPP Terms and Conditions carefully. Once you have started your VPP application online, you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to the final submission of your application.