Terms & Conditions

Please review the Supply Chain Inspection Program Terms and Conditions carefully.

Refund Policy

If your facility’s supply chain inspection application is closed, NABP may incur costs, including, without limitation, administrative, travel, and staff costs. These costs may be deducted from any refund that NABP issues.

There are three refund scenarios for a given application: full refund, partial refund, and no refund. A full refund may be issued in scenarios where:

  • an application is submitted in error and the error is caught prior to application processing;
  • an inspection applicant or facility is deemed ineligible to participate in the program; or
  • the application is submitted under the wrong fee category and will be resubmitted under the correct fee category.

A partial refund may be issued in scenarios where:

  • the application hasn’t yet been processed by staff;
  • processing of the application has started but not finished; or
  • the application has been fully processed but the inspection hasn’t been initiated.

No refund will be available in scenarios where:

  • the inspection process has begun (ie, the inspector has initiated travel);
  • the inspector has attempted to conduct the inspection, but is unable to complete it for whatever reason (eg, the inspector was denied access to the facility);
  • the inspection has been completed; or
  • an application was put on hold and the facility is not prepared to reinitiate the application within the six-month timeframe, except in scenarios where an application was put on hold due to an ongoing investigation or drug- or device-related disciplinary or criminal proceeding.

If you need to place your application on hold, consult this FAQ about our hold policy for more information.