Ready to Apply?

Follow these steps to submit a supply chain inspection application.

  1. Ensure your facility is eligible for a supply chain inspection.
  2. Create an NABP e-Profile account and request an e-Profile ID for your facility if it has not already been assigned one.
  3. When the request for an e-Profile ID is approved, complete the full profile for your facility in the My Business e-Profiles section. The information is needed before an inspection application can be completed.
  4. Start an application by clicking the Application tile on your e-Profile dashboard. Then click Create New Application in the top right corner of the page.
    • Drag and drop a facility into the Supply Chain Inspection column to begin the application.
    • If you are unable to proceed due to facility ineligibility, more information can be found in the help section.
  5. Proceed through the application and submit when complete.

Supply chain inspections typically occur within eight weeks after NABP receives a complete application. An application is considered complete once payment is received and all outstanding requirements related to the application are resolved. However, the amount of time it takes to complete the supply chain inspection process varies and may be impacted by a facility’s preparedness and whether there is pending discipline.


CategoryType of InspectionApplication Fee
1General – one-two activities*$4,000
2Complex – three or more activities*$4,500

*The quantity of activities is equal to the number of business models within a given facility. Current eligible activities include prescription drug wholesale distribution, veterinary prescription drug distribution, reverse distribution, manufacturing, sample distribution, virtual distribution, virtual manufacturing, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) distribution, repackaging of finished prescription drugs, API repackaging, investigational drug distribution, prescription medical device distribution, and third-party logistics (3PLs).

Additional questions?

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