We are closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19. Important updates for our accreditation and inspection programs can be viewed here.

Attention Accreditation and Inspection Applicants: Open Applications Must Be Submitted by October 14

NABP is launching a new system for accreditation and inspection applications, and the current application system will soon be discontinued. In anticipation of this change, all open applications and payments must be submitted by 5:00 PM CST on October 14 or they will not transition to the new system. If you do not submit your application by October 14, your application will be closed and you will have to create a new application in the new system. We apologize any inconvenience this may cause. Please send your questions or concerns to community@nabp.pharmacy.

Be a Leader in Patient-Care Services.

Community Pharmacy Accreditation signifies to patients and payers that your pharmacy is recognized for an advanced and consistent level of value-added patient care services.

Apply for the Community Pharmacy Accreditation as a stand-alone program or create a package of NABP accreditations for a reduced price and streamlined inspection process. When combined with DMEPOS, it is possible to satisfy CMS requirements for Medicare Part B billing, while also highlighting your pharmacy’s clinical programs and services.


  • Shows patients and payers that your pharmacy offers advanced patient care.
  • Demonstrates the success of your outcome-based patient care programs.
  • Fosters a collaborative, professional environment for your pharmacy staff.
  • Encourages a working relationship with prescribers.
  • Allows you to easily pursue multiple NABP accreditation or inspection programs.


Community Pharmacy Accreditation standards focus on three performance areas: (1) practice management, (2) patient care services, and (3) quality improvement.

Patient care services includes provision of medication therapy management (both comprehensive medication review and targeted medication review), plus two of the following additional services:

  • Immunization Programs
  • Health and Wellness Screenings
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Care Transition Programs
  • Chronic Disease Education Programs
  • Chronic Disease Management Programs (patient specific)
  • Adherence Programs (patient specific, more than refill reminders and autofill)

Practices that demonstrate compliance and high-quality patient care can earn this voluntary accreditation and better position their business to patients.

Complete the accreditation form to request more information.

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