NAPLEX, MPJE Fees to Increase Due to Vendor Sitting Fee Hike, Increased Exam Development Costs

September 4, 2002

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After recently learning from Chauncey Group International, NABP’s testing vendor for the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination™ (NAPLEX®) and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination™ (MPJE®), that the vendor’s sitting fees, or administrative fees, for both examinations will increase significantly over the next few years, NABP’s Executive Committee entered into intense negotiations with Chauncey that successfully reduced the increase of the sitting fees. The Executive Committee also examined the development costs that have been in place for the NAPLEX since 1997 and for the MPJE since its inception in 1999. As a result of Chauncey’s increased sitting fees and steadily rising examination development costs, the Executive Committee voted to implement Chauncey’s sitting fees and slightly increase NABP’s base fee for the NAPLEX and MPJE.

Effective January 1, 2003, NAPLEX candidates will pay a base fee of $300 and a $130 vendor administrative fee for a total registration fee of $430. Those registering for the MPJE will pay a $110 base fee and a $60 vendor administrative fee for a total of $170. It is anticipated that both the base and the sitting fees implemented January 1, 2003, will remain unchanged through 2004. NABP was able to hold steady the NAPLEX score transfer fee at $75 per state. The score transfer fee was increased from $50 to $75 in 2001.

Several years ago, NABP recognized that the examination sitting fees charged by the testing vendor, which comprise the costs relating to the use of the testing center and the on-site activities relating to the examination experience, were subject to more frequent cost increases than the base fee, which is managed by NABP. In 1999, NABP separated the examination’s vendor administrative sitting fee from the base fee. As a result, the base fee – which serves to offset NABP’s costs for managing examination development and registrations and helps support such member services as the Annual Meeting, Fall Educatonal Conference, and publications – will generally be more manageable and static than the vendor administrative fee that may be adjusted annually according to the needs of the test vendor.

“NABP is committed to providing the state boards of pharmacy and those who use and depend on our programs with the best possible service at the most afforable cost and will continue to seek out cost-effective opportunities for improving program operations and procedures,” states John A. Fiacco, NABP president. Fiacco explains that, “In addition to providing each state board of pharmacy and dean of the schools and colleges of pharmacy with a memo outlining the fee increases, the Association also provided each board and dean with a memo that should be photocopied and supplied to NAPLEX and MPJE candidates until the revised NAPLEX/MPJE Registration Bulletin is printed by the end of this year.”

For additional information about the fee increases, contact NABP’s competency assessment manager at 847/698-6227, or via e-mail at