NABP Releases Criteria for National Specified List of Susceptible Products, Adds One Drug to List

December 28, 2004

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In November 2004, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) Executive Committee finalized the criteria that detail standards and guidance for NABP’s “National Specified List of Susceptible Products” (List) based upon recommendations made by NABP’s National Drug Advisory Coalition (NDAC). Also, in accordance with NDAC’s recommendation, the Executive Committee decided to include Viagra® (sildenafil) on NABP’s List. NABP’s List, which the Association first released in February 2004, was created to help states reduce redundancy and confusion as they update and adopt regulation, and represented a starting point for states that had an imminent need for such direction. In addition, by adopting NABP’s List, states collectively would be able to recognize one national list instead of potentially 50 different lists.

The NDAC is a standing committee that was appointed by NABP’s Executive Committee in accordance with the updated Model Rules for the Licensure of Wholesale Distributors, which are a part of the Model State Pharmacy Act and Model Rules of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. In February 2004, the Model Rules were released by the NABP Task Force on Counterfeit Drugs and Wholesale Distributors, with the aid of representatives from the pharmacy profession, government, and the wholesale distributor industry, to protect the public from the ill effects of counterfeit drugs and devices. In addition to stricter licensing requirements such as criminal background checks and due diligence procedures prior to wholesale distribution transactions, the Model Rules mandate specific pedigree requirements for products that are particularly prone to adulteration, counterfeiting, or diversion. These products, as defined in the updated Model Rules, are designated as the “Specified List of Susceptible Products.”

The updated “National Specified List of Susceptible Products” is available on NABP’s Web site at NABP’s List criteria that detail standards and guidance (eg, under what circumstances a product will be considered for addition to NABP’s List) are also available on the Association Web’s site and will be detailed in the February 2005 NABP Newsletter.