NABP Launches Vet-VIPPS to Provide Accreditation of Online Veterinary Pharmacies

January 9, 2009

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To further its efforts to protect the public from illegitimate online pharmacies, NABP is pleased to announce the launch of the Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites(Vet-VIPPS) program, which serves as a means to evaluate and accredit legitimately operating online veterinary pharmacy practice sites that dispense medications for companion animals as well as non-food producing animals and ensure patient/client relationship exists.

Vet-VIPPS was developed to assist the states in their efforts to maintain control over the Internet-based distribution of prescription drugs and devices for non-food producing animals as well as hold Internet veterinary drug distributors accountable for meeting patient/client safety practice standards. The Vet-VIPPS criteria, which is based on the Association’s original VIPPS® criteria, will also incorporate new criteria specific to veterinary pharmacies.

After holding discussions with several state boards of pharmacy, NABP learned that Boards were receiving complaints against Internet sites dispensing prescription drugs without a veterinarian-patient/client relationship. In part, these concerns prompted the development of the new program.

Currently, Virginia requires all nonresident Internet pharmacies to be accredited through the VIPPS program or certified by a similar program approved by the Board, which includes the Vet-VIPPS program. Utilizing the Vet-VIPPS program, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy will be able to ensure that applicants undergo a systematic process for license verification and that all dispensations are based on a valid veterinarian-patient/client relationship.

In order to receive Vet-VIPPS accreditation, Internet veterinary pharmacy practice sites that dispense prescription veterinary drugs for use in companion and non-food producing animals such as dogs, cats, and horses must be licensed in good standing with their respective state boards of pharmacy, and also adhere to Vet-VIPPS criteria and program requirements. Pharmacies that dispense medications for food-producing animals are not eligible to receive accreditation.

More information about Vet-VIPPS program criteria and the accreditation application are available in the Accreditation Programs section of the NABP Web site at