NABP Announces Record-setting Number of Licensure Transfer Requests

December 20, 2002

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NABP’s Electronic Licensure Transfer Program™ (ELTP™) achieved a record number of licensure transfer requests in 2002: 6,144 requests were received at the time this news release was written. To date, NABP has processed 302 more requests than in 2001, when 5,842 licensure transfers were requested.

With the exception of California, the ELTP system enables pharmacists to transfer their existing pharmacy license from one state or jurisdiction to another through the uniform licensure requirements recognized by all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam. The system serves as a clearinghouse that screens the candidate’s license for disciplinary actions and verifies background information.

Pharmacists requesting licensure transfer have the option to transfer to multiple states. Of those 6,144 transfer requests, to date 4,800 individual pharmacists have applied to transfer to one or more states.

John A. Fiacco, NABP president, explains, “We believe the main reasons for the record number of licensure transfer requests are the continued demand for pharmacists in all practice settings and the addition of Florida as a state that accepts pharmacists by endorsement.”

For more comprehensive ELTP statistics, including a map of the United States that shows the number of licenses transferred in and out of each state in 2002 and a 10-year licensure transfer activity graph, please refer to the upcoming February 2003 NABP Newsletter.