Providing the Newest Information and Tools for Effective Inspection Processes

NABP wants to help boards of pharmacy build inspection programs that ensure the highest pharmacy quality standards. As its member boards of pharmacy have focused on improving inspection processes for sterile compounding pharmacies, NABP has been working with several organizations to develop training that will meet the boards’ needs. As such, NABP and its partners provide online and site-based training, focusing on United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standards for compounding and handling hazardous drugs.  Some training options that NABP offers are listed below.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Member Relations and Government Affairs staff to learn how NABP can work with your state board to offer personalized training.


For the past 6 years, NABP has partnered with CriticalPoint, LLC, to offer thorough training on all aspects of sterile compounding, and has provided assistance to states in funding inspector participation in these training sessions. In 2016, CriticalPoint worked with NABP to develop a new custom certificate program for state board of pharmacy inspectors, now a 3-day boot camp that provides training in USP Chapters <797> and <800>.  CriticalPoint’s online training modules that are part of the certification are free to state compliance officers and inspectors. Learn more about the partnership on CriticalPoint’s website.


State board inspectors also have the option of learning proper compounding techniques at the comfort of their own computers. Webinars will be offered to supplement hands-on training sessions.