Why can’t I see my activities in my CPE Monitor Account?

There are several possibilities for why your CPE is not appearing:

    1. Your CPE provider may not have transmitted your activity to CPE Monitor yet (Allow up to 35 days for this to occur, and then contact your provider.)
    2. Your NABP e-profile and/or your date of birth were entered incorrectly on the provider’s website.
    3. The CPE session you attended was not operated by an ACPE-accredited CPE provider.

If the above do not seem to be the reasons why you cannot see your CPE activities, please contact CPEMonitor@nabp.pharmacy for further assistance. Please provide your name and eProfile ID in your email.

If you are having difficulty obtaining your CPE credit, contact the course provider. We are not able to assist with issues related to claiming CPE credit unless the CPE credit is obtained through an NABP-sponsored meeting.

For more information, view our website at www.napp.pharmacy/help.