I do not see any activities or information in my CPE Monitor account. Why?

There are five main possibilities for why your CPE is not appearing:

  • Your CPE provider may not have transmitted your credit to CPE Monitor yet. Please allow 30 days for the CPE provider to process and submit your CPE.
  • Your NABP e-Profile ID and/or date of birth were entered incorrectly on the provider’s website. If this information does not match what is in your e-Profile, the provider will be unable to finalize transmission of the CPE credit.
  • The CPE session you attended was not operated by an ACPE-accredited CPE provider. Only those providers accredited by ACPE can report CPE credit to CPE Monitor. Upgrade to the Plus plan if you would like to upload non-ACPE courses.
  • Your e-Profile ID has not yet synced in the provider’s system. After registering, it may take up to 24 hours for a provider’s system to recognize the newly created e-Profile. If you receive an error message that your e-Profile ID does not exist or does not match the existing records, wait at least one business day to re-submit your e-Profile ID to the CPE provider.
  • You have not re-registered your account with our new database. Please follow the directions in this FAQ.

If it has been more than 35 days since you submitted the information necessary for CPE credit, and none of the scenarios above apply to you, contact the CPE provider. Please note that providers only have 60 days to submit to ACPE or make changes to credit already submitted.

NABP cannot assist with issues related to claiming CPE unless the CPE credit was obtained through NABP-sponsored meetings.