How was PMP InterConnect developed?

The PMP InterConnect was developed using a consensus-based process involving PMP directors from across the country. The development began in January 2011.

The directors made several specific requests of the PMP InterConnect design and function:

  • Encrypt the requests and responses from PMP to PMP using highly secure, widely deployed encryption technologies, ensuring no Protected Health Information or Personally Identifiable Information is exposed to any entity other than the disclosing and requesting PMPs;
  • Design the PMP InterConnect solution as follows:
    • Built using open standards
    • Cost-effective
    • Easy to implement
    • Low maintenance
  • Include a rules engine that would allow PMPs to maintain complete control and autonomy over PMP data exchanges with other states participating in the PMP InterConnect.

The PMP InterConnect, which launched for nationwide use on July 27, 2011, has effectively met and in many cases exceeded each of the criteria and expectations set by the PMP directors.