How do I check the status of my licensure transfer application?

All statuses of applications will be available in your e-Profile dashboard. To check the status of your licensure transfer application(s), log into your e-Profile. Click on “Apply for Licensure Transfer (e-LTP)” in the License Transfer tile. You will be able to find the status of your application listed under “Application Status.”

You will see one of the following statuses:

  • In Progress: The licensure transfer application was started but not paid for or submitted to NABP for processing. Click on the “Edit” icon in the action column (c in image below) to continue and/or edit any information on the application.
  • Submitted: The licensure transfer application was paid for and submitted to NABP staff for review. NABP staff has not yet begun processing the application. Processing can take 3-5 business days.
  • In Review: NABP staff is currently processing the licensure transfer application. You will receive an email when the application has been sent to the respective board(s).
  • Sent to Board: NABP staff has completed processing the licensure transfer application and sent it electronically to the requested board(s) of pharmacy. A PDF of the application is available for viewing by clicking on the state abbreviation in the “Transfer States” column (b in image).
  • Received by Board: The licensure transfer application has been received and opened by the respective board(s).
  • Completed: The boards have completed processing your licensure transfer application and issued or denied licensure.
  • Expired: The licensure transfer application was completed and sent to the board over one year ago. All NABP licensure transfer applications are valid for only one year.
  • Cancelled: The licensure transfer application was cancelled and not sent to the board(s) of pharmacy. Cancelled applications are not eligible for any refund(s). Contact for more information on applications in this status.