How can I view a previous CPE cycle or move CE to a different cycle in the CPE Monitor Plus Plan?

You can see the previous CPE cycle if you were subscribed and had a license enrolled when the CPE cycle was active. Follow the instructions below to view a previous cycle:

  • Select a license from the CPE Monitor home page.
  • On the CPE Status page, to the left of the dial, the current CPE cycle is displayed. To see a previous cycle (if available), select the drop-down arrow.
  • Select the previous cycle by its effective dates.
  • To view the CPE Analysis Report for the cycle, select the “View PDF” button.

Some states allow a pharmacist to apply unused credits to a previous CPE cycle or to the current CPE cycle. In addition, some states allow a “grace period” where deficiencies in CPE can be rectified. Please contact your state board of pharmacy to confirm if carry over or grace periods are applicable. If your state allows you to move CPE to a different cycle, please contact the CPE Monitor team for assistance at