Temporary or Emergency Licensure Facilitated by NABP Passport

NABP Passport is a temporary authorization that facilitates pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, interns, and pharmacy businesses practicing in another state. The program was developed in response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and it allows states to efficiently grant temporary or emergency licensure.

Beginning October 1, 2020, NABP will no longer accept applications for COVID-19 Passports. NABP Passports issued prior to October 1 will remain in effect until December 31, 2020, unless the state determines an early expiration date. This decision was made based on feedback received from participating member boards.

If you wish to practice in Passport states after December 31, check with the state board of pharmacy to determine what options are available for continued practice and the related requirements. The boards will determine if you can extend your temporary license or if you must pursue licensure transfer.

Applications for Louisiana Hurricane Laura Passports also will not be accepted beginning October 1. Hurricane Laura Passports expire October 31.

Louisiana Hurricane Volunteers – Special Passport Process

If you hold a license in another state and wish to volunteer on the ground in Louisiana as a pharmacist or technician, follow these steps:

  • Log in to NABP e-Profile and begin the Passport application process by clicking Apply for COVID-19 Passport in the Licensure tile.
  • Select the “Louisiana – Hurricane Laura” option in the state drop down list.
  • After receiving notification that your Passport has been approved, complete Louisiana’s Special Work Permit application form for pharmacists or pharmacy technicians and submit it to the board.

Note: Your confirmation email and the PDF of your Passport will show COVID-19, not Hurricane Laura. You can differentiate between the two types of Passports by looking at the Passport ID. The Hurricane Passport will contain an HL, whereas the COVID Passport contains CV. Example: P-LA-HL-00000 vs P-LA-CV-00000

The Louisiana – Hurricane Laura Passport expires on October 31, 2020.

If you are physically present in the state and wish to practice, you must obtain the Passport created specifically for Hurricane Laura volunteers. The Louisiana – COVID-19 Passport is only applicable to those using electronic prescription processes.

Receiving the NABP Passport for non-resident temporary licensure is simple:

  1. After checking the board websites for pre-requisites or restrictions, submit state-specific requests for an NABP Passport through e-Profile.
    • To ensure efficient processing of your Passport request, your e-Profile must include all licenses/registrations you hold and they must be up to date (valid expiration date, etc). Incomplete e-Profiles will result in a longer processing time.
  2. NABP will receive your request and conduct screening, including license verification and disciplinary history, on behalf of the boards.
  3. If you meet the necessary requirements, you will be notified via email and the NABP Passport will be posted to your e-Profile.
  4. The NABP Passport allows you to practice in states that recognize the Passport.

Note: When submitting your request, only select those states where you are seeking temporary licensure. Do not select states where you currently hold a license.

View the NABP Passport FAQs for additional program information.

States that recognize the NABP Passport

All states listed below accept NABP Passport for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. States that also allow NABP Passport for interns and/or pharmacy businesses are noted below.

StateProfessionsUpcoming Expiration Date
AlabamaPharmacist and TechnicianDecember 31
ArizonaPharmacist, Technician, Intern, and Pharmacy BusinessDecember 31
ConnecticutPharmacist and TechnicianDecember 31
District of ColumbiaPharmacist, Technician, and InternOctober 9
IowaPharmacist and TechnicianSeptember 20
IdahoPharmacist, Technician, Intern, and Pharmacy BusinessDecember 31
Louisiana COVID-19*Pharmacist, Technician, Intern, and Pharmacy BusinessDecember 31*
Louisiana - Hurricane LauraPharmacist and TechnicianOctober 31
MassachusettsPharmacist and TechnicianDecember 31
North CarolinaPharmacist and TechnicianDecember 31
OregonPharmacist and TechnicianDecember 31
South DakotaPharmacist, Technician, Intern, and Pharmacy BusinessDecember 31
TexasPharmacist and TechnicianDecember 31
VirginiaPharmacist and TechnicianDecember 31
West VirginiaPharmacist, Technician, and InternDecember 31

*Louisiana passport holders who received a passport prior to July 30, 2020 will need to reapply for a passport to maintain the December 31, 2020 expiration. Please email eltp@nabp.pharmacy to reapply for a Louisiana passport.

As participating states enter into the various phases of recovery, and either rescind or extend applicable orders or rules, we will automatically update the expiration date of your relevant Passport in the NABP e-Profile (the pdf version of the Passport will not be updated). You may check the current status and expiration date of your NABP Passports by logging into your e-Profile.

All states where NABP Passports have expired are listed below.

StateProfessionsExpiration Date
IllinoisPharmacist and TechnicianMay 13
KentuckyPharmacistJune 30
KentuckyTechnician and InternMay 21
North DakotaPharmacist and TechnicianApril 17
TennesseePharmacist and TechnicianJune 30
UtahPharmacist and TechnicianJune 18

License verifications for the NABP Passport will be conducted at no cost to the applicant or the boards of pharmacy. NABP will monitor emergency declarations and update the status of each COVID-19 authorization in accordance with the direction of the states.