NABP Emergency Passport Program

Beginning June 23, 2021, applications for the NABP Emergency Passport Program will no longer be accepted. In addition, on June 30, 2021, the program will cease to operate. At this time, all Emergency Passports will be made inactive.

State emergency orders pertaining to emergency licensure are being rescinded, and states are returning to standard licensing processes. As states return to normal business processes, NABP is closing the Emergency Passport Program. If you would like to practice in a state where you do not hold a permanent license, check the board of pharmacy website for licensure requirements and instructions on obtaining a license.

The NABP Emergency Passport Program was created to provide critical licensure and board action/disciplinary screening to meet criteria set by our member boards of pharmacy as a means for states to grant temporary emergency licensure safely and efficiently for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacist interns in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

State Participation

The following jurisdictions participated in the program while it was in operation.

AlabamaPharmacist, Technician, Business
ArizonaPharmacist, Technician, Intern, Business
ConnecticutPharmacist, Technician, Business
District of ColumbiaPharmacist, Technician, Business
IdahoPharmacist, Technician, Intern, Business
IllinoisPharmacist, Technician, Business
IowaPharmacist, Technician, Business
KentuckyPharmacist, Technician, Intern, Business
LouisianaPharmacist, Technician, Intern, Business
MassachusettsPharmacist, Technician, Business
MarylandPharmacist, Technician
North CarolinaPharmacist, Technician
North DakotaPharmacist, Technician
OregonPharmacist, Technician, Business
South DakotaPharmacist, Technician, Intern, Business
TennesseePharmacist, Technician, Business
TexasPharmacist, Technician, Business
UtahPharmacist, Technician, Business
VirginiaPharmacist, Technician, Business
West VirginiaPharmacist, Technician, Intern, Business